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Hard Wire Doorbell

Knock-knock! Who's there?” is so last season. Now, it's all about the “ding dongs”. In other words, doorbells – specifically hard wire doorbells.

It's been a long road from simply knocking on a door with a fist to iron knockers and even tinkling bells. Now, we’re in the era of “aesthetically pleasing and efficiency” all rolled up into one.

How doorbells work

Hard wire doorbells are not complicated electrical systems. A doorbell works when you push the button because you've completed an electrical circuit that permits the flow of electricity through the bell’s in-built electromagnet.

At this point, the electromagnet generates a magnetic field that ultimately results in the sound. It’s pretty simple yet ingenious.

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Hardwire doorbell installation

Doorbell installation usually works in one of two ways. It's either there's an electrical system in place. This could be from a previous doorbell installed there or wires that had already been 'fished’ during construction.

What we need to install your hard wire doorbells include the doorbell transformer, wires, the electrical junction box, and some expertise.

Once we're done fixing up the wiring and attaching them to the appropriate terminals, we'll return power to the system and a push of the bell's button should result in the sound of your doorbell coming on.

The second is in the absence of this electrical system. If there is no electrical system in place here, then the process of installing a hardwire doorbell will be way more technical than the former.

We recommend you consult an electrician for help. At Rise Up Electrical, we are qualified and ready to help you out here.

To install a hard wire doorbell from scratch, it's easier when the house is still under construction. That way, the electricians can run the wires through the walls before they’re finished.

Otherwise, new wires must be “fished” through the walls. Like we said, way more technical. But it’s nothing we can’t handle, so, reach out to us at Rise Up Electrical.

Broken hard wire doorbells

You might be wondering what could go wrong with these doorbells since they’d typically be hardwired into the wall.

Several issues could occur including –

  • Loose wires or connections
  • Short circuits or failure of power to reach the doorbell
  • Issues with the push button
  • Defective wiring from a surge
  • An issue with the circuit breaker or fuse box
  • Continuous chiming due to pinched wires.

Generally, most of the problems here result from something being wrong with the wires or wiring.

A thorough look at the wiring by our experts will reveal the issue. Fortunately, repair is typically simple for most issues. For instance –

  • We can separate pinched wires to fix a problem they caused.
  • Tightening or reattaching loose and damaged wires can help.
  • If it isn't an issue with the wires, it might be the terminal. A common issue here is corroded terminals. Fortunately, simply cleaning with an electrical contact cleaner should fix it.

Sometimes, the issue with your doorbell might be one that can’t be fixed easily or one where a replacement makes more sense.

In such cases, we might have to opt for a total replacement of the doorbell. You can rest assured that we’ve considered all possible scenarios and a replacement is truly your best bet.

These doorbells can typically go years without having any issues. But if they do, it’s pertinent you repair them immediately for your convenience.

Whatever the issue is, they may have to be taken apart. Avoid doing this on your own so you don’t damage the doorbell further. Just bring the experts in.

At Rise Up Electrical, we’ll take the doorbell apart and search for the cause of the problem. We’ll likely find it and should be able to fix it in no time.

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Why you should choose Us

For starters, we’re experts in all things 'electrical'. Your home's hardwire doorbell installation and wiring can easily be handled by us.

Our services here include –

  • Installation of hard wire doorbells – whether on an existing electrical system or a new installation.
  • Troubleshooting and repair of damaged hard wire doorbell.
  • Replacement of hardwire doorbells.

We also offer other electrical services so any issues you might have can be handled at once.

Our electricians are experts in the business and are held to high standards so you can rest assured of only the best service.

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Rise Up Electrical holds a high importance to ethical work practices and providing the best service possible. We selected our team of qualified and licensed electricians as they share the same values as our company.

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We make fixing your electrical problems fast and easy.

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Our customers are 100% satisfied with our team and services.

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Staff follow and maintain industry standards and regulations.

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All employees are respected and treated equally.

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From booking online to the completion of the job was seamless. Ben arrived super quick and was the utmost professional and really new his stuff. He took the time to explain what the problem was and what he was going to do.

Tim Bo

Photo of Nicole M

Very happy customer! I can't thank Ben, Fouad & Bradley enough for fixing an electrical fault (and dodgy wiring from times gone by) to make my home safer (as well as installing some additional points, tidying up some others and installing new interconnected smoke alarms).

Nicole M

Photo of Margaret Norton

Always use this Service as they are always reliable, give a full explanation of work needed, and do a great job. Highly recommended. Many thanks to Ben who did the work.

Margaret Norton

Photo of Edward Jenkins

Great experience, they actually turned up when they said they would. The guy took the time to look for leaks other than the obvious one, and found them. Saving us a return visit. Pricing is fair. Would definitely recommend.

Edward Jenkins

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